New Toy

Husband got a new toy for me. 
Why?  No reason.
Husband is like that.  
He spoils me.
For the past 28 years he's gotten me
big and small gifts just because.

I've had my new toy about a month now.

  Like a little kid,
I want to play with it all the time.

There's so much I still need to learn about my new
toy.  I need time.
Time is a hard commodity to come
by right now.
What with grades coming due, the holidays around
the corner, the minutia of life, the craziness of life.
But, I must make the time because,
I really, really like my new toy.

Ya wanna see my new toy?

Husband asked me what I was going to do with my old
Canon Rebel XTi now that I have this new

Originally, I said I would keep it.
But, further thought has prompted me to
consider doing something different.
I'm considering giving the camera away.
It is a used camera, though in very good condition
It takes great pictures.  And, I have the 
original box and accessories.

What do you think?  Do you think it would be
a good idea to give away a used camera?
Would you be interested in 
a used digital SLR?

I'd really like to know what you think.


  1. I would happily give your used camera a new home. I have five cute subjects that I could use it on!;) I even live close enough that you could come and visit it.


    and the Rebel? I'd be happy to take something like that off your sweet little hands!! :)

  3. yes! i am in the process of begging for one as we speak!

  4. That would be amazingly generous of you, and I'm sure the recipient would be eternally grateful! :-)

  5. That would make an awesome giveaway. How generous you're being.

  6. Do it!!! If someone doesn't want a used camera then they don't have to enter the giveaway.

  7. Eric has been coveting one since we got married. Regular digital just doesn't do it for him. I don't think anyone would turn you down if you offered it!

    You could probably auction it off to us as well...

  8. I think it's a greeeaaattt idea!

  9. I think it is calling my name. I thought you got a cricut for a teased me. We need to play!!!

  10. i love pre used items of every sort!! fun to get new stuff ...and allot of my new stuff is someone else's old stuff! definitely give away!!

  11. Yes, definitely pass it on. Very generous of you to consider giving it away.

  12. I think this is the nicest thing you could do! Really???? Give it away?? Are you kidding me!!!!! I would LOVE TO HAVE THIS CAMERA!!!