The Lights Are On But...

There are days when I wonder where the students go while they are sitting in class.  Their bodies are present but the mind, well, it's no where to be found. Yesterday and today were those kind of  days.

Yesterday, I was explaining a concept to the students.  I had an example written on the board, in English;  I thought everyone would understand more clearly if I wrote in the language they've grown up speaking.  I called on CM to read out loud what it said. 

me: CM, what does the sentence say?
CM: Um, I don't know what it says, oh wait, it's in English.

In a different class, in the middle of the same lesson, the following exchange took place.  Completely out of the blue.

MW:  Senora, what do they eat in Mexico for Thanksgiving?
me:  Mexico doesn't observe Thanksgiving.
MW:  What?  Why not?
me:  Thanksgiving is only observed in the U.S because it celebrates an event that took place here.
MW:  I don't get it.
me:  Let's just focus on the lesson, shall we.

Today,  the following took place, in a different class from the previous two.  

There were about five minutes left in class, the students had finished the assignment and were chatting, waiting for the bell to ring.  Somehow they'd gotten on the topic of President Obama. I didn't hear all of the conversation but did catch this exchange:

MG:   So who takes over if our president dies?
BG:   Uh, where have you been for the past seven years during history class?  The vice-president.
MG:   Oh, uh, OK.

Remind me again, why am I a teacher?  

Sometimes, teaching feels like this even though there are warm bodies in the desks.


  1. Don't fret. There were days when I was nothing but a warm body in a chair that sat in your classroom. They'll grow up and enter college where they will mature. :) Until then -- you must explain the reasons for American holidays that are not celebrated elsewhere in the world... Pretty funny stuff.

  2. fun reading your blog Veronica...I can only imagine what comes out of Casey's mouth at school some days....I will tell you that you must be doing something right because yesterday after school he walked in the door and the first words out of his mouth were in Spanish and I didn't understand a word of it and he wouldn't tell me what he said! Eric later told me that he said, "You look very pretty today mother." I give you all the credit!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love you!

  3. Bwah ha ha. I can hear you now, succinctly changing the subject or giving them THE LOOK. BTW, I'm loving that smartboard!

  4. These are the future leaders of our country! Hahaha, reassuring huh?