Five Years + Eternity

Can it possibly be true?
No, impossible.
Daughter and I just met with the wedding planner
We just finished picking out flowers.
And food.
And colors.
And the dress.

It was just yesterday.

Yesterday I tell you.

It's true though.

These two have been married five years...

...and I couldn't be happier.

To eternity and beyond

Happy Anniversary!

An aside, you know how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
are ofttimes referred to as Brangelina? 
Baby Sis came up with the following for Daughter and Son-in-law.


Baby Sis has a warped sense of humor.
I still laugh when I think of this.


  1. Happy 5th Anniversary LARRY! Miss ya both bunches and hope we can see you soon. Oregon's beaches are just down the road from our house. Ok, so they're really 1-1/2 hrs away, whatever.

    Auntie/Baby Sis

  2. 5 years...I can't believe that!!! I feel so old. :-( They are so cute together! Congrats...