Back to the Salt Mine

The first day back to work after time off is always a challenge.  

After a week off, motivating the students to get to work is like fitting a round peg into a square hole.  Let me illustrate.

It's 8:00 a.m.  The bell to begin the day has just rung.  I've closed the door, I'm walking back to my desk to submit the attendance and I hear the following:
Numero 1: I'm so tired.

Numero 2: Yeah, I know, right.

Numero 3:  Man, we have all of next week, then one week after that and then we're out for two weeks!

Numero 1:  Really?  Ah, man.  That's too far away.

Numero 3:  Nah, it'll fly by.

In my head I'm thinking, today is going to be a long, long day if they're already counting down to the Christmas break.

Only fourteen days till the next break, I think I can make it.

I know, I'm pathetic.

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