Every year, at this time, the circus comes to town.

Figuratively speaking.

For those of you who have moved away from my Little Corner of East Texas, you know what I'm talking about.


If you're not from these parts, lemme 'splain.

Yamboree, is the county fair.  It's a BIG deal around here.

Some of the county schools get out for the entire time it's here, HHS is one of those schools.  Yay for me!  Other schools get out maybe on Friday, boo for them.

Yamboree is full, and I do mean full, of activities.

A coronation pageant (I'll post on this tomorrow), a luncheon with dignitaries, TWO parades, a marching contest, livestock show, quilt show, gospel singing contest and, the main attraction for many, the carnival.

The carnival turns my little town into a circus. 

My little town of 5,100 people, according to the latest census figures, becomes mayhem.  I've heard that on Saturdays of the Yamboree, upwards of 10,000 people will crowd the town square.  I believe it.

Why the town square? 

Because this is where the carnival sets up shop.   It and all the food vendors make for a very, very, crowded square.

Some thrive on this mayhem.  They will bring their lawn chair to the square and sit.  All day.  Watching.  Eating.  Socializing.

If you haven't seen someone in years, or since yesterday, you'll see them at the square. 

I'll illustrate my point.

See these two cuties?

Last time I saw them was Wednesday.  He's second period, she's third period.  They are a couple.  They were not the first of my students that I saw in a thirty minute period of time.  I think I saw the entire school up there, granted there aren't that many at HHS, but still, I at least thought I'd get a break from them for four days.  Who am I kidding, I knew that if I went 'up on the square', as everyone calls it, I'd run the risk of meeting up some of the kiddos.

I also met up with this adorable little girl. 

She's my pew buddy.   Husband says I'm a distraction to her on Sundays.  That I'm going to get her to trouble.  As if that would ever happen. 

Yamboree is a homecoming of sorts for many.  People plan vacations around it, so that they won't miss it or so that they can come to it.  

This is my twenty sixth Yamboree.  

Depending on the year, I have mixed emotions about its coming.  This year, I'm OK with it. 

For those of you that missed it this year, here's a little slide show that will either make you glad you didn't have to deal with the crazy crowds and detoured traffic or you're gonna get real homesick.


  1. thanks alot! definitely on the homesick side! i might have to figure out a way to make it next year, b would really enjoy it!

  2. oh I'm so sad we couldn't be there this year. next year in gilmer!

  3. Great photos. You're really becoming quite the photogropher.

  4. Great photos. You're really becoming quite the photogropher.

  5. Thank you LauraKay. So glad you're reading the blog.

  6. I like this post! You have a very natural way of writing... makes me think I should start a blog of my own.


  7. Heidi,

    Thank you for the compliment. You should start a blog! It's a fun thing to do! Let me know if you do, I always love to find new blogs to read!

  8. I love the Yamboree pictures, it makes me want a "Bubba's Fat Burger" sooooooo bad! yum!

    -Kym Muse