What To Do plus addendum

I have a problem.  OK, I have many problems but that's beside the point.

This one just came up last night, at around 10:30.

Do I cheer for these fellas

or these

I realize some of you are thinking that's a no brainer V, you live in Texas, duh!

Not so fast my dear friend.

You see, I grew up in California.  One hundred miles south of the City by the Bay.  The Giants were MY team.  I spent endless hours listening to them on my transistor radio.  

What's that?  What did you say? You've never heard of a transistor radio?  Oh.  OK. Think SIRUS raido in prehistoric terms.  With a bunch of commercials and a very tinny sound, and stations that faded in and out.  They were portable and ran on double AA batteries.  They were virtually indestructible.  Oh, I miss them.  But I digress.  

During this time of deep and unabashed devotion, the Giants NEVER won a World Series, nor a pennant.  

And now, here they are.  Contenders.  Potential champs.  But...

There's the Rangers.
Husband and I have attended many a Ranger game.  Daughter was a big fan growing up, she still is.  We were there when Kenny Rogers pitched his perfect game.  We've followed them through good years and not so good years. 

The Rangers have never won anything.  Ever. 

And now, here they are.  Contenders.  Potential champs.

When I was in Utah a few weeks ago, I asked Son-in-law what would happen in their household should the World Series be a Rangers/Giants match up, never thinking that it would actually turn out this way.  You see, he, being from the Bay Area, is a ginormous Giants fan and Daughter, as I mentioned is a ginormous Rangers fan.  

S-I-L said there was no question as to whom they would be cheering on, the Giants.  To which Daughter responded, not so fast mi esposo.

And then there's me.   I have conflict and I'm just one person!

So, Baby Sis, what are you going to do.  Don't deny you're a Rangers fan.  I saw your Facebook post where you were giddy they were beating the Yankees then sad that they had blown the lead.  Oh, yeah I know how you feel about my Rangers.  But, I also know you are a big aficionado of the Giants.  

Suggestions anyone?

What to do, what to do.


After reading the comments by S-I-L and Baby Sis I must respond.

SIL, I understand what you mean about Looney Tunes, they are the only true cartoon to EVER exist.  What kids watch nowadays are sorry excuses for entertainment.

Baby Sis, I had forgotten about us scaring the postal worker out of his skin.  I'm laughing out loud right now as I recall that memory.

I must take a stand, so I will.

My love fest with the Giants is over.  I'd left my heart in San Francisco for a long time but I got it back and it's now deep in the heart of Texas(sorry I couldn't resist).

There I admitted it.   

I don't even know who they are any more.  My most recent contact with them was during their dubious run with the Phillies.  And the guy with the beard...what is that all about??? He looks like a walking billboard for Just for Men.  Eeww!

I will be pulling for the Rangers.  I know where I live, I know what side my bread is buttered.  I will not root for losers.  I will root for the team that will WIN!!

If the Rangers were not in the mix I would root for the Giants.  Honest I would.  And, come on admit it.  If the Giants weren't in the mix you two would so be pulling for the Rangers.  Go ahead say I'm right, 'cause you know I am.  

There now, don't you feel better.  

Just remember, after all is said and done, we will still be family.

Go Rangers!


  1. I'm in the SAME predicament! I grew up about a 100 miles from SFO, cheering on the Giants every year. I attended my first Giants game as a wee little one at Candlestick Park. I'm also pretty darn happy for those Rangers and soooo glad they kicked some Yankee trash. Maybe you cheer on one team and I'll cheer on the other so it's even!

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! You have to root for the home team...the SF Giants, of course. I know you're "deep-in-the-heart" and all, but we spent many a summer afternoon and evening in our youth rooting for the Giants. ya remember scarring the mailman with our screams? We're due!

  3. From Son-In-Law: Mama V, is this even a debate? Riddle me this: growing up, it was Looney Tunes every saturday morning. Now, that was 20 years ago. Now that I'm old and grown and too cheap to pay for cable or satellite I am reduced to The Adventures of Busy Town and Hanna Montana. Now it's silly to think that I should accept the garbage that is on today, so I stick with the greatness of my youth and buy Looney Tunes on DVD and play that every saturday morning. Likewise with this; yes i've been to the stadium in Arlington to root for the rangers. And yes, I love my wife who loves the Rangers. That does not make up for the many summer nights freezing at Candlestick Park, all the hours spent riding BART to and from the stadium, all the garlic breath i put up with from the famous garlic fries. I ask you Mama V and Amy do you really want t be entertained by the convenience of Hanna Montana and the Ranger? I urge you to remember the greatness of your childhood and do what ou know is right in your heart. Turn on some Journey - City by the Bay and try not to root for the Giants. Just a word of warning Ranger Fans - Fear the Beard!

  4. From Son-in-law: Idle-write - I always knew there was something I liked about you. It seems to me that there is a story that needs to be published. It seems to me that if someone would relive the memories of their you there wouldn't be a dilemma at all. I always knew Idle-write that you were my favorite in-law relative. Can't wait to see Lou Seal dancing on top of the Rangers Dugout on Wednesday!

  5. Dear're my favorite nephew-in-law and always will be. Oh the Gilroy garlic fries and the long car ride home with their perfume lingering in the air. Sigh. You and I may need to Skype during the games so we can gain some strength in numbers (what with being surrounded by traitors!) B, your M-I-L (I'll refer to her as "Sis" only after the series) was a huge fan of the Giants. If they lost, you literally couldn't talk to her for hours. She would be hoarse after a game and you couldn't sit too close for fear of getting a pillow tossed at you (or slugged) out of frustration or joy, whichever the case may have been. Oh where oh where has my dear Sister gone? That's right deep in the cavern that is home to the TRs. Abandoning the city that is home to her most favorite of all breads, yep that's right San Francisco Sourdough. Double sigh.

    "When the light go down in the city
    and the sun shines on the bay
    Oooh I want to be there in my city...

  6. Baby Sis,

    I had forgotten that you were sometimes on the receiving end of my frustration...but hey what are kid Sis's for?

    I can only respond by saying that Granite Guy, aka your Husband, best take cover when Los Gigantes are on the losing end and he is on the receiving end of your frustration. GG, run, hide, it won't be pretty.

    Oh, and Baby Sis, S-I-L best be careful on how he treats M-I-L. If he wants our relationship to continue on the lovely even keel it is now on, he'll very, very discreetly pull for Los Gigantes. And, he did marry the child I birthed, she and I tend to be cut from the same bolt of fabric. I'm just sayin'

    Husband says he's staying out of this. He wants to eat when he comes to your house. He does have some parting words...fear the claw, fear the antlers.

  7. Well, Middle Sis, you are going to be outnumbered. I am rooting for the Giants. One, because they were our childhood team and two, one of our local boys is their star pitcher. However, any team that puts the Yankees out of World Series contention can't be all bad.

  8. Older Sis,

    Mom and Dad taught us to respect those that are OLDER than us, so, I say the following with the utmost of respect...

    ARE YOU NUTS???!!!

    You are correct in your assement of the Rangers, they are not bad, not bad at all. They did slay that Goliath known as the Yankees, despite the sports writers predictions and extreme bias.

    My question to you, my dearest OLDER Sis, is; is the I-look-like-a-commercial-for-Just-For-Men-with-my-abnomally-dark-beard the local lad you speak of or is it the lad with the flowing locks?

    I'm so far removed from the Giantes that I don't even know their names.

    Ah, I love baseball.

  9. Dear Middle Sibling,

    It's called being "colorful". You're older than I (way older) so I know you remember a pitcher named Rollie Fingers from the A's, the dear Gigantes cross town rivals. The handlebar mustache he sported set many a tongue to waggin' back in the day ( Baseball is a game filled with "characters", always has been and always will be. I'll take the weird and wacky any, hello, he's in SF so it just fits.

    Please watch this to reset your mind and heart back to its natural state:

    Note: for those of you with lighters, please get them ready.

  10. Baby Sis,

    I watched your suggested video. My heart was moved...even deeper into the heart of Texas.

    For the record, I'm not a fan of Journey. Though the sentiment of their song is quaint, it does nothing for the cockles of my heart.

    This video however, sets my heart a fire.

    Please, please I beg of you watch it and know that for every song, video, slogan you have for your beloved SF Giants, I have an arsenal for the future campeones of the World Series.

    The ball is now in your court.

  11. It's the flowing locks. Who can resist them? He kind of reminds me of the A's back in the day, when we were young...such a long, long, time ago.