Wed Wibbon Week

Red Ribbon Week, I dare you to say that five times fast without resorting to 'wed wibbon week'. 

At my previous employ, the office manager that made the morning announcements had a tough time saying RRW.  She'd inevitably end up putting 'w's' where the 'r's' needed to be.

I used to chuckle, laugh, snicker sometimes guffaw when she did this...until I was the one making the announcements and found that 'red ribbon week' is a hard thing for the tongue to handle.  At least it was for her and me.

Not familiar with Red Ribbon Week?

RRW is about raising drug awareness at the schools.  This week was RRW at HHS.

Much like homecoming, there are themes to the various days.  Each theme is suppose to somehow relate to being drug free.

Tuesday was sunglasses day, not sure why.

Wednesday was Nerd day, out smart drugs.  

These two did a pretty good job of looking the part.

Thurday was career day, again, not sure why.

This is my bull riding student, who also works as a clown at bull riding events.  When I told RJ that I wanted to take his picture, he was more than willing.  He told me he had the prefect pose.  This is the pose he strikes while taunting the bulls away from the riders.

Today was hero day.  

Why?  Hmmm, any excuse to dress in a costume?

These two, and a couple of others, dressed up as Mormon missionaries. 

Pretty cool in my book. 

This fellow was James Bond.

The two 'missionaries' couldn't resist the urge to give 'ol Jimmy a Book of Mormon.  Their idea, not mine.

Along with hero/costume day, it was also pep rally day. 

Oy vey. 

The pep rally was first thing this morning, not a good thing.  Usually it's last thing of the day, a very good thing. 

A pep rally, if you'll recall, is intended to pep up the team to meet their rivals.  I don't know how pepped up the football players were after this morning's rally but the rest of the student body sure was. 

The pep rally was done in black light.  It made for some interesting shots when the majorettes twirled their black light enhanced batons.

Somewhere in this fractious week I taught some Spanish.  Let's hope they retained it for next week. 

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  1. I would like to say the following regarding the Texas Rangers...


    S-I-L and Baby Sis,

    Please refer to the following.

    Beware the Claw.