Teacher Gifts

When you were young, did you ever take a token, a gift, a little something to remember you by, to a teacher?

I don't know that I ever did, if I did I can't remember what it might have you think age has something to do with not remembering?  Hmm. 

I do remember some of my friends taking things to the teacher, I always thought them to be the 'teacher's favorite' after that.  I now know differently.

Over the past seventeen years of teaching I've had students give me little tokens.  Some of the students associated with the gifts I recall, others, for the life of me, I can't.  

Tokens like these.

These came from two different students.  Their shells come off to reveal an opening perfect for  paperclips.  Daniella and, well, I can't remember the other student's name but I can see her face!  These girls would go to Mexico over the summer and bring these back to me.  Great girls.  Wish I knew what became of them.

And these.

Their heads are suspended and will 'bobble' when air or jostling the desk moves them.  I don't remember who gave me the ones in the background.  But the little critter in the front came from Nolan.  He was a character.  Very proper in his speech, so unlike most East Texans.  He's now a priest.  I never imagined him becoming a priest.

And then there are these.

The frog on the right came from Raquel.  She had some tough times and things to deal with, I enjoyed her immensely.  She's studying to become a dentist.

Then there's this.

We were studying the moai sculptures at the time.  Lindsey found a box at Books a Million that had some of these little fellas in it.  She was so excited, she just had to get them and then allowed me to choose one for my desk.  Brilliant girl.  Creative.  Sometimes too smart for her own good.  Lindsey graduates this year.

Today I got another little something. 

Here's what Chuck gave me.

I know it looks huge but it's not, just a tight Macro shot. 

It's a marble.  Rough, not smooth like most marbles are.  Love the colors.

Chuck said that when he saw it he thought of me.  Ah, I thought, how sweet and kind

Then I thought about it a little longer.  Maybe, thought I, he's trying to tell me that he's found the marbles I've lost or that I'm losing my marbles.  Hmm. 

I'll ask Chuck tomorrow and get back to you with what he said.


  1. V: I miss you a lot. I still remember being in Mexico and buying you the frog. You were very special to me while I was going through so much during high school, and you still are special! I love you sooooo much! I hope all is going well for you... I cannot wait to come home for the holidays!

  2. Raquel,

    I still have one of the assignments you did for class...I use it as an example of what I'm looking for in the assignment :).