This weekend, I'm on a little trip to attend some workshops on photography and on jazzing up the ol' blog.

This weekend I'm in SLC (airport code for Salt Lake City).

This weekend is just an excuse to see Daughter and Son-in-law.

Getting to SLC took a long time.  It usually does when you live in my Little Corner of East Texas.  You either have to drive the entire 23 hours, which I didn't, drive two hours and forty minutes to DFW to catch your two hour and thirty minute flight to SLC, which I didn't, or drive fifty five minutes to the regional airport, then fly twenty five minutes to Big D and wait for two hours to catch the two hour and thirty minute flight to SLC, which I did.  Sounds long and tedious but I don't mind, beats driving.

DFW is big, just like the rest of Texas.  To get from one terminal to the next you have to take a mini-bullet train.  That or walk a million miles.  I always opt for the Skylink, as it's called.

The 'D' terminal is my favorite.  It's the newest and coolest.
It has the eternal escalators.

A place to watch a little TV.

Cool sculptures.

And the best bathrooms! 

Yes.  I get excited about weird things. 

If you've ever tried to squeeze something beyond yourself into a conventional stall, you understand my excitement.

The stalls at this terminial are big enough that you, your carry-on suitcase and your other personal carry-on item all fit comfortably without having to have anything on your lap.  And, if you've ever had anything on your lap, well never mind, I won't go into detail.

Ah, yes the D terminal.

When you check in at the regional airport, you never know ahead of time at which terminal you'll be making your connection.  It's always a wonderful surprise to hear the flight attendant announce, as you're taxiing to your arrival gate for twenty minutes because DFW is so ginormous, 'Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you continuing on to other destinations, I do have connecting information. Austin, A-18, Boston, B, as in Bravo, 20...Salt Lake City D, as in David, 33'Sweet music to my ears.


  1. i just did SLC two weeks ago and I did drive to DFW ..and I too SkyLInked it I too went out of the D terminal!! LOVE IT!! Have fun in SLC. I love that place!!!!!!

  2. I used to love traveling and being in airports. I think it's because I love to people watch... SFO is GREAT for that! I don't like it so much anymore. Flying with two little ones is NOT fun, especially since most of my trips are without the hubby.

  3. Amy, I can't even begin to imagine how hard that would be.

    It won't be long though before the girls will be walking beside you begging for Mickey D's and who knows what else.

    Wait did I just say it would be easier?

    Never mind. It might be easier to drag the entire house along than to have to listen to little ones beg!

  4. Never been to SLC! I can see what you mean about airport bathrooms though. And that sculpture rocks. I detest Tv everywhere, however! Especially ones that big -yikes!

    Sounds like you are having a great trip.