The Yamboree experience includes the coronation of the Yam Queen.

Don't laugh, some people around here take this very seriously. 

Really, they do.  

Me?  Umm, I didn't grow up in these parts so, I uh, ahh, I'm trying to be diplomatic here.  Let's just say that I don't see it as important as some people do.  


Husband's family was rather involved with the Yamboree at one time.  As a result, Daughter was part of the coronation pageant through out her life. Either as a part of the queen's court or a dancer in the program.

She was never a contestant in the race for queen, though she was asked by a couple of civic organizations to represent them in the contest.  Daughter was not into the nuances of participating in the race for queen and opted to decline the invitations.

As with any pageant, there is quite a bit of pomp associated with the coronation; dancing, singing, elaborate dresses, which are all custom made, cute kids, kids that cut up while on stage...always stealing the limelight from the queen.

Then, there's 'the bow'.  

Oh, the bow.  

It's something that must be experienced.  

I will do my best to explain it.
First, the young lady gracefully walks around the stage.  She then comes to center stage, pauses and smiles at the audience.  Very slowly, she'll lower herself to the stage so that she is kneeling.  While in the kneeling position, slowly and gracefully, she extends her arms in front of her and in a very grand sweeping motion brings her arms to the side so that they are parallel to the stage floor.  After this gesture, she slowly bows so that her face is buried into her dress, while keeping her arms at her side parallel to the stage floor.  Her escort then helps her up from her kneeling position and escorts her to her place on the stage.

This bow is done by the queen and the other girls that ran for queen, as well as the little girls who are part of the queen's court. 

I used to think that 'the bow' only took place at the Yamboree pageant.  I was wrong.  Several years ago I read an article by Mimi Swartz in Texas Monthly where she talked about 'the bow'.  Wish I could find it, she did such a great job of describing how it was done. 

I now give you the Queen's Coronation 2010.


  1. you just wait until grace gets asked to be in least the dresses the little girls wear can with stand years of dress up.

  2. Good idea about dress up V. I'll have to dig a few things out next time I'm home.

    I don't get why anyone would pay that much money for one week, but it brings back fun memories.

  3. That was one momma of a train!

  4. Liz, I hear you on the train! Can't imagine having to walk with it behind me.