Play Day

Whenever I come to Utah, I go here.

To visit this lovely lady.

Miss Tricia is Crafty Friend's Daughter.
Like Crafty Friend, she is very talented at what she does.

And what she does is make my hair look GOOD.

I will cross rivers, climb mountains, fly for
hours to have Miss Tricia do my hair;
she's that good.

My hair has started to go gray, much to my chagrin.
Miss T is a whiz at mixing just the right potion 
to keep the gray at bay.

After thirty minutes of processing, a marvelous head
massage, a terrific cut, it's time for blow drying.

I'm good to go for the next few months.
Hopefully, I can find a reason to come back up.
Hmmm...maybe a haircut is reason enough.


Daughter, Son-in-law and I went to SLC after my morning of

Daughter and I went to our final workshop.  
We are no long completely lost when it comes to editing the 
HTML on our blogs....only kinda lost;
at least that's how I feel.

Son-in-law did some work while we attended our workshop.
He's a great SIL. He drove us to SLC,
then waited, patiently working for two hours while
Daughter and I played.

And then, some food.

A little Tex-Mex in Utah if you will.  
Yeah, I know what your thinking, that can't possibly be good.

Um, no.  It was really quite good.

 Z Tejas, check it out next time you're
in Utah.

I head back to Texas tomorrow, mini vacation is

As always, I'm so glad to be here.  And as always,
I'm sad to be leaving.

But what can you do, the kids will eventually leave the nest.
I'm just happy that I can fly up here to visit.


  1. from son in law: i was sitting next to mother in law on the couch while she was blogging and i noticed a picture of orange gu in the bowl. mind you, i was watching stanford whoop up on usc and i was really paying much attention. I thought the orange gu was macaroni and cheese. now reading through the blog, definitely not macaroni and cheese.

  2. Good for you that you got to go. Now you know you're expected to show off all that stuff you learned on your blog!

  3. HaHa my husband thought the gu in the bowl was cheese, too. I think he should have known better cause he sees it all the time. It was good spending some time with you. I love that i get to do you hair when you come down. I love even more that you love the way it turns out!

  4. Tricia, that's too funny. Thanks for taking good care of my hair! You're the best!

    Maybe next time I'm up there I can be the last appointment of the day and then we can go eat! Maybe some Mac & Cheese?