As an alum of Brigham Young University, I look for every opportunity to promote my alma mater.  I am a shameless Cougar supporter.

In January, I showed some of my students, who are Mormon, a t-shirt that BYU was selling to promote the basketball team.  The kiddos loved the shirt.  I did too.  So I ordered enough for each one of the LDS kids to have one.

Three weeks ago, I showed the students the BYU football t-shirt. They wanted one.  I ordered them.

They wore the shirts to school the day after the order came in.  But, before they got to school, they'd gone to early morning seminary (an hour of religious study before school at the church). The kiddos that don't go to HHS were envious.  They wanted a shirt too.
Another order was in order.

But, not only did the kiddos from the seminary classes want a BYU football t-shirt, so did a couple of my non-LDS students!

I'd created a monster.  A big blue and white monster.

Today, at 6:00 a.m., I took the latest order up to the seminary class.  

Since the Cougars play the Utah State Aggies tonight, I thought a picture was in order.

There was one nefarious little tyke, well not quite so little, who thought it funny to show up in a Utah State t-shirt. 

I told him to repent or he wouldn't be in the picture.  

He did...until he got to HHS!  

He tried to enter my class wearing the offensive shirt.  I threatened him with being sent to the office. 

Ah, I was just kidding.  Maybe.  No, not really.  I would've if I could've.

If my Cougars don't do well, I'm blaming him for bad Karma.

I sent Husband a copy of this picture.  He then forwarded the picture to his Sis.

She then sent it to a friend of hers at the BYU Alumni Association, who then put the picture on the Alumni Association Facebook page.

Like I said, I created a monster!


  1. I love it. I'm all about blaming the 'little tyke' if we lose!!!
    Stephanie Murphy

  2. How 'bout those Cougs, eh? Looks like my Alma Mater is sweeping the floor with yours :)

  3. seriously though!
    where is a link to the facebook page?!