It's On!

OK, all you Texas Rangers fans.  My family has turned on me.  I guess that's what happens when you KNOW you are in the right and they are, well, sorely mistaken.

Baby Sis, Son-in-law and even Older Sis have been trash talkin' my Rangers!

If you haven't read the banter we've been having, I suggest that today, on the very day of the first World Series game your read the following.

If you are a loyal Rangers fan, like me,  leave a comment and let's guide these misdirected souls down the path to victory.

In the words of Southwest Airlines, another great Texas institution, it's on!

I hope to see many, many comments!  Let's keep them friendly...this is my family after all.

Fear the claw.


  1. so please correct me if i am wrong..but didn't you say that SF hasn't won anything? Didn't they go to the world series in 2002? I could have my facts wrong.. the Rangers haven't even won a post season game..much less go to the world series! Go Rangers!! after the sad display the Cowboys put on Monday night..we Texans need to be rejuvenated!! Go Rangers!

  2. Dear middle's on alright! And as for "loyalty", well I'm not the one that's cheering for some upstart team from the south instead of her beloved hometown team, which also happens to be Dad's favorite team - since he was a wee lad no less and listened to them on the radio in the tiny town of Mazamitla, and is the team we rooted for every year since birth (I know that was a really long time ago for you, but try to rattle a few cobwebs and get your priorities in check)!! Loyalty -

  3. Baby Sis,

    I discussed my original conundrum with our beloved Papa earlier and he said, root for the winning team.

    That would be the Texas Rangers.

    Who's colors are those of patriotism, red, white, and blue. Not the colors of Halloween.

  4. Patriotism isn't proven by the colors you wear (what if you're too poor to buy a trio of red, white and blue), but by your loyalty and participation in the process. BTW...has Bart dropped you on your head one-too-many times? Have you fallen of the quads and bumped your head? I listened to twang that you call music and could only sigh and wonder what happened to that Disco loving, funky music dancing young woman that I used to know. If Journey isn't your cup of tea, fear not. These should bring back fond memories of the city you used to long for and adore and snap you back to your senses:

    (you used to drool when you heard this...he was cute)

    (new, but very accurate and fun)

    (can't hear it w/o crying...really)

  5. You two provide great entertainment!

    I've decided that since I haven't resided in the great valley of the San Juaquin in over 10 years, I should probably support the team that's from the state in which I currently (and, regretfully, may forever) dwell.

    Go Rangers!

  6. That's the spirit Amy!

    Don't worry, Texas will grow on you, just not the heat. It may take awhile but it will.

    You begin by embracing all things Texas, lets begin with a song. Ready. OK.

    Now sing with me,

    The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas.

  7. we have this issue in my house right now. bay area girl and a TX boy. now if it were the A's it would be an even bigger problem. as it is, we might have to cheer from seperate sides of the house.

    and if and when we do end up in TX, I'll still cheer for the Giants and the A's and the 49ers. but I understand your choice.

  8. Baby Sis,

    Yes I will acquiesce that I was, notice past tense, a fan of the Streets of SF, oh so long ago. That was then this is now.

    That newer song...nah, nope, does nothing for me. Not enough twang.

    And Tony, well, I will give you that I do enjoy his style of singing. I may once again like 'that song' but no, not right now. It doesn't even bring a mist to my eyes.

    Bless your heart, you are so miss guided as to where my taste lies now, and no it's not all in my mouth.

    Here's a song I can get deep into my heart.

    Or something with a little less twang.

  9. Nicole, Nicole, Nicole,

    Am I to understand that your are showing your allegiance to the enemy on MY blog.

    Oh, say it ain't so!

    Stick a dagger in my back and twist it why don't you!

    I will have to have a conversation with your spouse on teaching you the finer points of Texas. You will grow to love it too. Please see my comment to Amy.

  10. Nicole, it's nice to meet a true loyal fan. Don't listen to Miss V aka my Older Sibling or fret about anything she says. You keep on cheering for the beloved Bay Area teams. Remember when the 49s kicked some Cowboy behind back in the 80's? Well maybe next year we can do a little voodoo dance in the offseason to get that to happen again.

  11. From S-I-L: Mama V, what do you get when you put your DH in Right Field? - 2 Errors in an Inning. I wanted to post a song on you blog but I don't know how. So you get the lyrics to the giants Fight Song after an 11-7 Win

    When the Giants come to town, it's "Bye-Bye Baby!"
    Every time the chips are down, it's "Bye-Bye Baby!"
    History's in the making at Candlestick Park!
    Cheer for the batter, and light the spark!

    If you're a fan of Giants baseball, sing "Bye-Bye Baby!"
    If you want to be in first place, call "Bye-Bye Baby!"
    Listen to the broadcast on KSFO.
    Turn up the volume, and hear 'em go.

    With the San Francisco Giants, it's "Bye-Bye Baby!"

  12. Baby Sis,

    If you're going to stir the pot with football stats, get 'em right.

    Husband I'm sure will have a word or two for you come tomorrow morning.

    Thank you.


    So good to hear from you!

    My dear son, you think I don't know that song??? I listened to KSFO long before either you or my beloved offspring were a glint in either your parents or Husband and my eye.

    As I said to Baby Sis and Older Sis, one game does not a series make.

  13. I remember watching a 49ers/Giants game in a playoff match-up years ago...maybe '81 or so. All football and baseball games were played in Candlestick--icicle by the bay. One smart sports fan from SF had a large sign that read: "The Giants never win at Candlestick." Funniest sports sign I have ever seen. With one short sentence he complimented his football team and denigrated the out of town football team AND denigrated the home baseball team. True literary talent!

    As to how bad the Cowboys were in the 80's. Better go look at the records of win/loss. Probably a draw on those. 49ers were good; Cowboys were also. Poor ownership cost them 3 titles in a row...but I digress.

  14. Ummmm...we done brought it.

    (lather, rinse and repeat as needed)

  15. My boys are looking good. I don't think they have scored that many runs in a set of games all year!

    There was something that I saw that made me hang my head in shame...

    yup ol' perma-smile herself.

    It happens all the time, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that she didn't go to a single regular season game. Then she tries to mix with "the people." Regardless; I still LOVE MY BOYS FROM THE BAY!!!

  16. Baby Sis & S-I-L

    Congrats on two wins. To the victor go the spoils. And so sorry SIL, that also includes 'ol perma-smile'.

    Yet another reason to follow the Rangers and not that other team.