Civic Duty

I am a citizen of the United States.

I am a proud American.

Today, I exercised what I consider the best
reason for being a citizen of
this great nation.

I voted on my way home from work at a church
near the school.

The ladies working the voting location were very
sweet and desperate for someone to come
exercise their right to vote.

So desperate that they called the school earlier in the day and 
requested that our very talented and civic minded
office manager send out a school wide IM letting us know that
we could come and vote no matter our voting 
precinct, since it was early voting.

Saaaweeet, thought I.  If I vote here, I won't have to 
drive all the way into town after work and vote
at the courthouse.  Yes!

I got to use the computer, no worries about hanging chads here.
Not that I've ever voted using the punch card format, just
the old fashioned paper and number two pencil.

After voting, just like I do in my class, I got a reward for
getting things done early.

Snack size Butterfingers.
Have you voted yet?

Don't forget to, it's the American thing to do.


  1. I just popped my ballot in the mail (all of our elections are vote by mail). While it's awfully convenient and we get higher participation, I do miss going to the polling centers. I can remember going with Dad when I was really little and feeling like I somehow got to be part of the process, too. I love getting my ballot and reading through the measures (I know, what a nerd) and I refuse to let all of the idiotic commercials and the media make me jaded.

    Everybody, please go vote!

  2. I love to go vote. I couldn't wait when I was young. My family didn't vote often and I always wanted them too, heck I was even willing to tell them how to vote. And my favorite part nowdays is seeing Ms. Betty Roberts. She is the sweetest lady and remembers me from my days at HHS. One of the joys of a small town is everybody knows your name.