It feels like a month of Sundays since I last posted.  Though it hasn't really been that long, just a couple of days.  I always seem to have a difficult time getting back into routines after a trip.  

Why is that?  Is it just me or do others have the same problem.  

I know, we're all creatures of habit.  Change some little something and the universe as we know it is out of kilter.  

Case in point.

Yesterday, I got four new desks in the classroom.  The ones they replaced were in bad, bad shape.  Desperately needing to go to the big classroom in the sky.  

Remember this?

Of course, the students noticed...especially the ones whose desk had been replaced.

There were three reactions.  Jubilation, envy and consternation.

I expected the first two but not the third.

I would have been thrilled to have a desk that no longer wobbled.  Thrilled to have a seat that no longer sloped causing a permanent feeling of falling.  Thrilled that the writing surface was no longer uneven and  bumpy.  And, I would have been envious of those that got a new desk.  But to be dismayed because your crummy-going-to-fall-apart-at-any-moment-desk was gone?  


Change for some is never a good thing.

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  1. Oh my. Some folks (just like pets) have separation anxiety issues. Whatever you do, don't rearrange the furniture in the room...or maybe you should shake things up a bit.