And so...

the quintessential fruit of fall, as selected by your comments, is the apple. 

I like to look at the statistics of surveys but I'm not a statistician, OK?   If you decide to check my math skills, please, be merciful.

61%  love, love, love apples...Honeycrisp being the one mentioned by name the most.  Followed by, in descending order, pumpkins, though some questioned whether it's technically a fruit...peaches, in my neck of the woods we view peaches as a summer fruit...pears, I'd forgotten about these yummy beauties...cranberries, pomegranates, oh, I do enjoy these but you really have to work to get the goodness; strawberries, squash and Dinosaur Eggs (a cross between an apricot and a plum called pluots) each got one vote.

I'd not heard of Dinosaur Eggs until now, I'll have to give them a try.  Wikipedia's description makes them
sound wonderful.

Thank you to all of you for your comments, I truly enjoy reading them.  I feel as if I'm meeting all sorts of new friends, that is why I'm enjoying doing the giveaways.

The winners: 1st      iPod is #71, Luke and Jessi
                      2nd    2-$10.00 iTunes cards, #34 Misty

Please contact me within 48 hours so I can get your loot to you.  If I don't hear from ya, I'll pick another winner.

contact me at

Can't wait to hear from you.

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