Also Heard

Add the following two conversations to 'only heard at a rural high school'.

Conversation 1:

After having completed his class work, a student asked the following:

Student: Senora, can I go finish working on my saddle rack?
Me:        Where will you be should I need you?
Student:  In the Ag shop.

Conversation 2:

Today toward the end of the class period some students were discussing the pros and cons of cross breeding certain types of cow.

C:  I really like the Smoky Charolais.
J:   How do you get one of those?
C:  You cross a Charolais with a ___. (I didn't catch which breed)

I threw my two cents in...two cents that I borrowed from Husband's knowledge of calves and what sells best.

I pretended to know that a calf that is one solid color will bring more money than one that is bi-color or tricolor. That our Black Angus bull will produce some stout, meaty calves.  That when crossed with our Longhorn cows, the Charolais bull will produce some tall, white, leggy calves.

Oh, yeah.  I thought I was being such a know-it-all.  So cool in my knowledge of cattle breeds.

Then, in my head, I said, V, you can't impress these kids.  They were herding cows and raising bulls before they were out of diapers, for goodness sake!

Pioneer Woman I'm not...but neither am I a Lisa Douglas.

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