Where else....

but at a high school in a rural setting would you hear the following:

--You ever come to school on your tractor?
--Yeah,  one time I came and picked my sister up after I got done baling.

When I heard this exchange, my first thought was, wow, I bet your sister was thrilled to pieces to see you come pick her up on a tractor.  

Then I thought, nah, she was probably thrilled!
Unless, if she had been in high school, then she would have rather had the parking lot open up and swallow her.

Then, it hit me, he skipped school to bale hay!!  

Most kids would skip school to do some water skiing, or play video games, or sleep, or whatever, but not to bale hay!

Oh, yeah, one more little tidbit. You'll never hear the following in inner city Chicago, or New York, or L.A., or, well you get the picture...

Me: (while looking at a picture of a bull rider in the outside pocket of a binder) RJ, who's this?

RJ: Uh, me.

Me:  You ride bulls???

RJ: Uh, yeah.

Me:  Really?  Where do you ride?

RJ:  All over.  

Me:  How often do you ride?

RJ:  Ah, at least twice a month.

Me:  You must really enjoy it.

RJ:  Yeah.  I also clown.

Me:  You're also a rodeo clown??

RJ:  Yeah. 

Me:  Don't you get scared?

RJ:  Sometimes, nah, not really.  It pays pretty good.

Me:  Wow.  That's pretty cool.

Me:  Which do you like better, riding or clowning?
RJ:  Riding, you get more of a rush.

Only at a rural high school.

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  1. Wow! I never knew it was THAT country over there!!