Living where we do and working where I do, I have the opportunity every now and again to play 'school bus' for some of the sweetest, kindest, smartest children around.  

No, they're not my grandchildren.  I'm not even related to them.

I've known their mom since she was a  teenager.  Yeah, I feel old, very, very old.

Every so often their mom will work to maintain her dental hygienist certification.  And since I work where her children attend school, she'll occasionally ask me to bring them to their grandmother's house.  I always look forward to doing this.

The ride home is about a fifteen minute drive.  It's always entertaining.

Today after dropping big brother off at the other grandmother's house, these two were telling me all about the UIL team that sis is going to be participating in this year; she'd been practicing her Oral Reading in the back seat, she's quite good.  This led to a discussion on last year's UIL team, Music Memory.

Music Memory requires that the participant identify the composer and music of different periods of music, as well as genres.  Classical is one of the genres.  Opera was one of the areas.  They began to sing to Italian. 

Imagine if you will, Italian  being sung with an East Texas drawl by these precious little ones.  

It was a wonderful serenade.  Beats radio music hands down.