Quality Control

Things are not made like they used to be.  


Long lasting.

Able to withstand an earthquake.

This happened today, it's happened before though.  At least once a year I'll have a student go and sit in their desk only to find them on the floor.  

I used to think they did it on purpose, I've learned differently.  It doesn't matter the size of the student, the desks just don't hold up under the daily wear and tear.

This fella is the quarterback.  He was going to try and stay in the desk the entire period, for fun he said.  I said, go for it.   

He lasted 5 minutes.  

His papers kept sliding off.

Growing up in California, as part of our earthquake drills, you know like fire drills but for earthquakes, we got under our desks.  

For protection.  

I'm glad they don't have earthquakes in My Little Corner of East least I hope we don't.


  1. i didn't know that HHS students also wore boat shoes.

  2. I grew up in California too - and we also got under our desks when we had earthquakes. I remember the first one - second grade. I was scared to death - and thought the ground would open up and swallow me! Where did you grow up? I was in Garden Grove, Orange County, CA.