Project Runway

It all began with these.

They got me thinking:

What, beside flip flops, are the kiddos wearing

I did a quick survey and found:


...sneakers, such an old word but then 
you can't really call them 
tennis shoes
because Venus and Serena wouldn't
be caught dead playing
Wimbledon in any of those.


I was surprised to see
Pumps, why are they called pumps?

I'm sounding like my
Senora, why does Spanish even have an
'h' if you don't ever hear it in a word?
As if I would know the answer to
that question!


Silver and metal seem to be
in vogue.

and of course, boots

After all, I do teach at a small, rural school
district where FFA is one of the 
largest school organizations.
Boss Man's boots are in the mix.

This young man was very glad he wore his boots on
this day.  

Note the burned pants.  
Slight problem welding in shop class.
He was fine, no worse
for wear. 
These ranching/farming kids take these
things all in stride.

So there you have it,
the latest in foot wear as modeled
by the students at

Not exactly Milan, 
Paris, or New York but
none the less.


  1. From pumps to ostrich bumps---red neck heaven...gotta love it!

  2. V-

    Yes, I am still at UPS, whether I like it or not. We are REALLY hoping that Levi can find a job before the end of the year so i can quit. I really hate it there, but need to pay the bills and of course keep health insurance! so you gotta do what you gotta do! I'm hoping i can work part time at the airport so i can get the flight benefits. Levi's mom works out there and can fly for free, which would be so nice! she took brecken over to my parents for us while we were gone, so they really come in handy. Also, my parents would get the benefits as well, can't beat that!