Ol' Red Part Dos

Ol' Red is back home.  He was gone for thirty three days.    

He looks darn good, doesn't smell so good though.  Husband says the smell will dissipate, I hope it's sooner than later.  It's still too hot to ride with the windows down and, quite frankly, car paint stinks.

Wanna see how good he looks?  

You can't tell that he was all banged up thirty three days ago.  You'd have to work with cars like Husband does to know where to look to see that there was some body work done to Ol' Red.  I'm so glad to have my own car back.

I know that doing body work on a car takes a while but I missed driving my car.  I know how very fortunate I was to have a nice hybrid car to drive while Ol' Red was incapacitated, Ol' Red's cousin actually, I just didn't care for the cuz.  He didn't have the same bells and whistles as Ol' Red, though there were similarities.  The biggest difference, the cuz doesn't have the pep of Ol' Red.  I'm not a convert to the hybrid hoopla.

I know, I know, we have to be more green and all that but I like the sound of the engine turning over when I push the start button and not a light telling me that the car is 'ready'.  I like that when I give it gas there is a feel of power behind the gas pedal.  I like the sound of the engine revving up.  I like the feel of power when I'm cruising down the road to work.  Ol' Red's cousin just didn't have any of this.  

My need for speed and power might have something to do with the fact that one of my wildest dreams is to be the driver in the commercials that say 'driver on a closed course do not attempt' and the driver is going really fast down the road, at least it looks like they're going really fast down the road.

Thank you to Mr. Wayne for getting Ol' Red back in shape.  I'm ready for a road trip.  Anyone want to join me?


  1. I'm game! Bright yellow--or red--RS Camaro. 6.2L V-8; Boston stereo; 20" wheels---yes, the tires do spin when accelerating!

    We could be in Utah in a matter of hours...and boy would it hold the road!

    A mere $35,0000 or so. Ready to roll?

  2. Hope you're serious, I'm more than ready to roll...especially in a new Camaro, red thank you, with leather and On*Star please.