Boot Scootin'

Homecoming week festivities wouldn't be complete without a wear-your-boots-to-kick-the-competition theme day.  Not at a rural high school at least.  

It wouldn't be right.  It would be almost, sacrilege.

You'd expect this day to have a huge number of participants.  Not so much.  Might have something to do with the fact that many of the students wear boots everyday.  Nothing special about having a theme day that commemorates something you wear everyday.  

There were those, though, that brought out the good stuff.  The boots you'd wear to go dancing.  Or to make an impression.  Or to church maybe. 

Boots like these.

Or these.  These were made of snake least they look like they were.

Then there were those that just put on a pair of shorts to show off what they wear on an everyday basis.  

The worker boot.

Don't they look like they've been well worn?

These were my favorite, I like the green tops.  

The girl wearing them said she wore them to feed the chickens that morning.  Uh, I didn't look too closely for proof of that statement.  

In case you didn't know, feeding chickens isn't anything like what you see on Mayberry, throw out a little bit of corn and the chickens come running to peck at the corn.  You actually have to wade through the chickens and their, um, muck.  

At least that's what I've been told.

Here's the most unique boot of all.

It belongs to a colleague, English Teacher 2.  

There's a story behind the boot.  

The Reader's Digest version, she injured her foot about a year ago, wouldn't go to the doctor, finally went this summer,  turns out she really did a number on her foot.  She had to have the bone, not sure which one, broken, set and then was on crutches until just last week.  She has two adorable children, 6 and 4; she's delirious to no longer be on crutches.  She'll wear her adorable accoutrement for about seven more weeks.

Tomorrow is the last day of Homecoming at HHS.  Halellujah!  The halls will return to normal, clean, neat and orderly...but not before the mums.  Stay tuned.

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