Adiós, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen

Did you know that there are nineteen ways to say 'goodbye' in English, sixteen in Spanish,  eight in French and what I found most interesting,  thirty eight in German, ten of which are used in Switzerland alone! I will keep this in my back pocket; I'll pull it out the next time I have a student say Spanish is so stupid.

You know how Texans have a reputation of being larger than life?  

Here's proof:

        English [Texan] (Texas United States)      Y'all come back now
I promise I'm not making this up.  Go here to see for yourself. 
Where am I going with all of this? 
It's time to say goodbye to summer, or so they say. 
Labor Day is suppose to be the last official summer holiday, therefore 
the end of summer. I say summer is officially over when we no longer 
have 90 degree weather.
They say that's suppose to happen on Wednesday.  I hope they are
right. If so, then I bid adieu to summer and hola to fall.

My homage to summer

Au revoir mon ami été.  Te echaré de menos. I will miss you...but
not the 100 degree weather.  

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