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On our recent trip  to Big D, we ventured into a neighborhood we'd not been to previously.  It was in the chi-chi area of Dallas.  We, of course, fit right in...yeah, right.  Well, we did fit in but not because of affluence, rather because we know how to play the part...heh, heh.

We parked the car three stores down from a bakery.  When I saw where we'd parked, I was excited. 

I love bakeries.  I love the smell, I love the looks, I love the products they produce.   As we walked toward the bakery, my mouth began to water, just like a Pavlovian dog.  I was anticipating the visual assault I've grown accustomed to seeing in Portland.   You remember what that looks like don't you?  You don't?  OK, here's a refresher.

Yum.  Such loveliness.

Imagine my surprise when we entered and I saw this:

Dog food.  Chi-chi dog food.  I was disappointed!  I was dismayed!  Where was all the yummy goodness I was anticipating.  I hoped that maybe they kept all the yummy goodness to the back.  Though I did think it odd that they'd have dog food and other dog paraphernalia in a bakery.   If I'd been in Portland I would've taken it all in stride.  People in Portland Love (notice, that's love with a capital 'l') their dogs.  A bakery-doggie store would not have been out of the ordinary...they're weird like that in Portland and they are quite proud of their wierdness.  They have a bumper sticker that says 'keep Portland weird'.  Remember this from this post?  Yep, there's a little weirdness up there.  Oh, excuse me, I've digressed.

As I was writing...this was not a bakery.  It was a high brow store for dogs and their owners.  It was a very nice high brow store for dogs and their owners.  They had all sorts of dog collars,

notice the prices
the previously pictured dog food, aisles full of doggie treats, doggie toys, doggie themed products, in other words, there was stuff for dogs all over the place.

nice hardwood floors, don't you think
Yes, we did buy Dog a treat or two.  I know, I'm just as bad as the next dog owner. 

I know what you're thinking.  How could you mistake this store for a bakery?  Easy.  Read this quickly and see if you can understand how I made my mistake.  Remember, we parked three stores down so I was reading it at an angle. 


Oh, Husband and Daughter made the same mistake.  

We quite enjoyed our little foray into the barkery...though I was disappointed that it wasn't a bakery.

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