Outside In

Because it's been hotter than blue blazes around here.

Because Dog and I are at the same stage of life (peri-menopausal)and because I am sympathetic to her outside dog has become a semi-indoor dog.  

I don't think she'll ever go back to being a full time outside dog, it's not what she wants to do.  No matter how much we cajole her to go out, she won't have any of it.  

It all started while I was in Portland.  It was hot.  Husband let her come in the house while he went back to work after lunch.  No problem I thought, she'll get tired of being inside and be ready to go back out once it cools off.  I was wrong.  She liked it...a lot.

Here is her routine now.  Wake up when the owners kick her out, that would be around 6:00 a.m.  Go for the morning walk.  Eat.  Stay outdoors until 12:30 p.m.  Come in and stay in until dinner time.  Then wait really close to the house until the evening walk, which is usually only an hour or so.  
Since it's still 95 degrees at 8:00 in the evening, I've taken to giving Dog an Otter Pop to cool her off after the evening constitutional.

She acquired a taste for these long in when she was a puppy.  That's a story for another time.  

Dog is enjoying her new digs.  She's become quite the Diva.


  1. Furry niece needs an inside pillow/bed! Those well-used (aka old) bones need some pampering, too.