Ol' Red

It all started yesterday when I saw the 'low tire pressure' indicator light in my car.
I told Husband about it. He said, We'll take it tomorrow morning to get it fixed.

Had my car tires had air instead of nitrogen, Husband could have fixed the problem, he's very good at these types of problems, but they didn't, so he couldn't.
Off we went this morning to the Tire Shop to get them to fix my little problem. 

We dropped ol' Red off at 9:00. At 10:30 Husband gets a call.  
Concern in his voice.
My ears perk up.
Concerned look on his face.
Concern in my mind.

After he gets off the phone I ask, Did they wreck my car?
Husband, Yes.

Oh dear.
We go to see what the damage is.

Ya wanna see too?

He was calm.  
I was calm.
It's just a car.

The Young Man that inflicted pain to ol' Red was feeling lower than a snake's belly; smaller than a quark. Owner of the Tire Shop was also feeling pretty rotten.

I began to work my magic in trying to put both at ease.

First, I told Owner that as a loner car, I'd take the yellow Camaro that was parked off to the side.  He said his wife would not be a happy camper if he did that.  Oh really, you think I'm a happy camper now?  Then, I told Owner that rather than giving us the usual $50.00 gift card at Christmas to Texas Road House...Husband does a lot of business with him..., a $500.00 gift card to Tiffany would do just fine.  He thought I was serious as I was telling him about the gift card...I was, sort of, nah, not really.  I was just trying to ease the situation.  Though I am, deep down inside hoping that I've planted a little seed, nah, not really,  I'm just joking...well maybe...we'll see what happens come Christmas time. 

I told Young Man not to worry, we all have accidents.  He looked so pitiful.  I think that if a couple of other customers hadn't been in the reception area he would have burst into tears.  I truly felt bad for him. We've all been there.  You know, that sick feeling you get in  your stomach when something bad has happened.  Wishing you could push rewind, or erase the board, or call out kings X, or close your eyes and when you open them everything is all better.  I hate that feeling.  
Oh, you're wondering how he inflicted pain on ol' Red?  He was backing up and had a some tires in the bed of the truck and didn't see my car.  Husband estimates maybe $4,000-5,000.  Ouch.

I am fortunate that Husband works where he does.  We were able to get a car for me to use until ol' Red is fixed.  It's just like ol' Red except it's a hybrid.  Hey, I'll be a pseudo-tree hugger for a couple of weeks!  Baby Sis will be so proud!

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  1. Oh WOW! Your poor car! I bet that kid did feel bad. I am not sure I could have been so nice.