Meet the Teacher

I'd told you that I would report back on Meet the Teacher; here's my report but first a couple of pictures because we all like to read things that have pictures.

The hallway before parents came,

and during their visit.

Not much different is it. Out of 125 students, I met maybe 10 parents.

Excuse me just a moment.   

OK, hold on.  

Just. One. More. Step.  

Alrighty, now.  I was climbing one of my many soapboxes.

Mrrck....that's me clearing my throat.  

I teach high school.   For some unknown reason, many parents of high school students don't seem to like coming to meet the teacher. 

Why?  I don't understand.

We are always on our best behavior that night, so we won't bite.  We put on our best duds, some of us womenfolk even put on some make-up, if we're really gussing-up we put on a little Chanel No. 5.

I know I speak for my colleagues when I say that we like getting to meet the parents of our students.  It always helps me to put a face with the parent/guardian appellation.  

I've often heard parents of said students say that they don't come because their child doesn't want them to.  Oh, really?  Who's the parent here?  You or them?  

I know, it's a lot of work going from class to class meeting 6-8 different teachers, where in elementary school you only had to meet one or two but if you do this you'll know what your child's day is like, have a face to put with the Sra.-Austin-is-so-mean-she-makes-us-speak-in-Spanish-all-period-long-comment and I'll see that Johnny and Julie have parents that take an interest in their children's lives.  It's win-win all around.  

Believe me when I say that your kiddos really don't mind if you come.

If you're going to  the Meet the Teacher  and your child is the lower grades, don't stop just because they're in high school.  If you're not going at all, you really should.

Alright.  I'll climb down now.


  1. I agree 100%.. we have Meet the Teacher at my school on the 27th. I am sure most of mine will come though because I am teaching 3rd this year. The past three years though I have been lucky for half of mine to show up!! Oh, I remember the speaking all in spanish!! Yikes, that always made me SOO nervous.

  2. Amen! I always use the "who's the parent?" comment. I guess I am wierd but I will be going to meet the parent until they get out of school. I guess I love being all in my children's business but think it is important to "meet the teacher". And I have 4 kids to go and meet the teacher with . I never thought about people not going to the high school one. Pretty sad. But I am amazed these days that their are so many parents just aren't that interested in their kids lives. I guess it is tooooo much trouble.