Help, I Can't Breathe

Last night, I was cold as I was trying to not give in to  Insomnia.  (Yes, she has reared her wretched head again).  How, you say, could you've possibly been cold when it's 104 in your Little Corner of East Texas!  Ah, it's simple...I'm not in my Little Corner of East Texas, I'm back in Portland for a few days.  So yes, 54 feels a tad cool.  Not that I'm complaining mind, oh no.  I'm quite enjoying being here while it is hotter than Hades there.

I rather enjoy spending time here with my mom and dad.  There is a certain rhythm that I fall into, a rhythm that is set to their rhythm.  You know how it is when you go home to visit.  Mom wants to dote, dad wants to offer counsel, not that either is bad.  But I do find myself trying to strike a delicate balance between allowing mom to dote and not being suffocated.  Note to self:  Don't suffocate Daughter when she visits.

Speaking of Daughter, she has returned to her little corner of the world.  Husband's and my world is now a little sadder because she has left.  We do know that she is where she needs to be but it's still hard when she leaves.  I always want her to stay longer.  Maybe suffocating her into staying wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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  1. Can you send some of that cool weather our way, PLEEEEAAAASE? Grace and I stopped by to see you today and drop off a little something, but your hubby said you were out of town. Grace was quite disappointed that you weren't home, but I'm glad you're enjoying your time in Oregon with your parents.