Have you ever wondered...

what teachers do to 'get ready' for the school year?  Lemme 'splain.  I believe the following holds true at any school district throughout Texas. 

For the first four days before the kiddos come, we sit through inservice torture, oops, did I write torture?  I meant meetings, inservice meetings.   

The subject matter is sometimes relevant.  Sometimes it's enlightening.  But, seldom is it presented in an interesting manner, although today's presenter on the importance of maintaining student's, as well as our own, personal information secure was kinda funny.

Mostly we sit, and sit, and sit some more.  Listening, or at least attempting to, while fidgeting and trying to stay awake, wishing we could be doing something productive with our time.  Productive stuff like preparing lesson plans, checking out needed materials, organizing our classroom (well at least that's what I want to do, 'cause I'm a weirdo like that, as you know). 

Instead, I found myself staring at this.

This is a computer program that helps core subject teachers, English, Science, Social Studies and Math, look at data, surmise where a student needs help and then plan accordingly.

This would have been a wonderful experience, except I don't teach any of the above.

The program is suppose to apply to all subjects.  Guess what happened when I searched for good ol' Spanish.  Go on, guess.  I'll wait while you think about it.  OK, did you guess?  If you guessed 'nothing', ding, ding, ding  you're a winner!!!  Sorry, no actual prizes given; although, if you'd like to win something, there is still time left to enter the giveaway...if you haven't already done so.

In case you were wondering how I had time to take the photo, now you know...I had nothing to examine and then surmise.  Arruguh!
These past four days have taught me, as they always do, to make my class fun, interesting, ever changing and to not torture my students with mindless drivel.  Maybe that's the real purpose of inservice.  Ah, well.

Today we actually get to work on getting things ready for next week, yay!  Then, tonight is meet the teacher, I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Eric said that inservice was just a way for less important divisions at the district office to fight for time. If one group got an hour, everyone felt they needed an hour too. He hated that part of the week.

  2. I don't think I know of anyone that enjoys inservice. Goodness inservice is a bad, bad, part of teaching!