Countdown: Day 5, Ready or Not

OK.  Here it is.  The last day before I return to work.  I know, there's still Saturday and Sunday but those don't count because you always have Saturday and Sunday off when you're at teacher.  Am I ready for this?  Hmm, yes.  No.  Yes.  No. Yes.  Can you tell I'm conflicted?  It happens every year.  Just like when you're a kid.  Ready to go back so you can see all of your friends but then not ready to give up the carefree feeling that summer brings.  But, ready or not, Monday will be here sooner than later.

Am I prepared?  Yes and no.  There I go again...conflicted! 

No, because I haven't given any thought on what to do that's new and different this school year.

Yes, because I bought my school supplies today. Woo Who!

I left the house at 10:00 a.m. while it was a relatively cool 90 degrees...ahh don't ya love it?  

I like buying school supplies.  I like how the isles just beckon you to buy everything in sight.

Here's what my shopping cart (buggy for those of you in East Texas) looked like before I checked out.

Why so much stuff?  I have found that high school students are irresponsible.  Shocking, I know.  They can't remember to bring anything to class.  Seriously.  Even the most reliable student will forget a pen, pencil and paper.  I have learned over the years to just have these things on hand; it cuts down on the amount of time they spend having to go to their locker to retrieve said items and on the time they spend socializing on their way to their locker.  They just love me for it.

Remember  I told you yesterday that I'd be joining a couple of friends for lunch and that we were going to order dessert?  Here's what we ordered.

Lemon Mousse with ginger snap crumble and blackberry compote.  Yum

Cheesecake with raspberry sauce.  Also yum.

When I returned to my car the car's thermometer showed this:

It was 1:00 p.m.  Lovely.  

Since I was in the 'city', I needed to go buy some things in bulk at Sam's.  One of the items was Nestle's chocolate chips...Husband loves to eat them frozen.  This was not the day to buy chocolate chips.  

From the store to the car, this happened:

It was exacerbated by the heat in the car.

Quite frankly, after I unloaded the car at the house, I felt like the chocolate chips in the bag.  

Anyone in the cooler parts of this nation want to send some cool air our way?  Please.  We'd love ya forever if you did.


  1. I was outside for about 5 minutes and looked like your chocolate chips when I got back inside. The thermometer said 93, but the heat index was 102... I would love some cooler, DRIER air too.

  2. WOW!! You are a nice teacher. In my day, I don't think I had any teachers that had supplies like you. We would get yelled at for not having our own pen/pencil/paper, etc. Sure wish you had been at Harmony back then.