Countdown: Day 3, Order

Before I return to work next week, I have to have things in order at home.  I don't function well at work if I've left things undone at home.  I'm weird like that.  I don't ever travel, even if it's just an overnight trip to Dallas, that I don't clean and organize the house.  Like I said, I'm weird.  

Since I left for my second trip to Oregon the same day Daughter returned to her home, I hadn't had the opportunity to put her room and bathroom back in order.  Not that she left it a mess.  I had to, you know, change sheets, scrub the toilet, clean the tub, clean the floor, all the stuff that goes with getting a room ready for the next guest...whomever that might be.

Here is the before:


 and after of the bedroom

Now that this has been taken care of, I have a sense of calm and can return to work somewhat stress free.  I say somewhat because I'm a natural there such a word as stresser, if not there should be for those of us who have to have something to stress over.


I had the opportunity to be a surrogate granny today to this lovely little girl.  Claire.  Isn't she sweet.
Her mom and big sis went swimming at my in-law's pool.  Since it's hotter than blue blazes around here, Claire's mommy thought it best that Miss Claire not be out in the heat.  A wise woman Claire's mom, so I got to keep Miss Claire for an hour or so.

In that hour we laughed, ate, and slept.  Claire ate and slept, I just laughed at her cute little laugh and expressions.

I wonder if that pouty bottom lip is an indication of things to come?  Hmmm, mom and dad, beware! 


  1. Can I pay you to put my closets in order? They're a mess right now, but since my life is pretty busy with 2 little ones other things take priority.

    Thanks again for watching Claire. I really enjoyed spending time with Grace doing something she loves so much. You are such a blessing to our family!

  2. You know there is nothing that I like doing more than helping you out. I know Grace had a ball swimming. You'll have to take her again before it cools if that will ever happen!

  3. what a cutie! i love her chubby little fingers and that she's sucking on her top lip while sleeping. i bet she smelled like least i'd like to think that a big part of heaven smells like sweet babies and powder.

    -baby sis