Countdown: Day 2, Therapy

As I have done every year for
the past, oh, 6 years...
I think it's been 6 years...
I saw my therapist to
prepare my self for returning to work.

Yes, I have a therapist.
She is wonderful.
She is very affordable, especially
since Husband nearly
always pays for my sessions.

She has unique lobby decor.

Each session begins with a marvelous
foot soak.

Followed by removal of old

What?  You don't have a therapist
that does pedicures?
You should, you know. 

The Divine Miss L
is the best therapist there is.
While she works her magic on my
tootsies, we solve the world's problems,
along with a few of our own, 
reminisce about our children....
her baby boy and Daughter were classmates
ever since they were in diapers...and
solve the most taxing problem of all:
What color to use next on the ol'

This time, it's Hot and Spicy.
The Divine Miss L picked it out.
She said it seemed appropo
for a Spanish teacher.

I think she was right.

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