Countdown: Day 1

In 5 days, not counting the weekend, I will be returning to work.  Sadly, the summer months have passed quickly, too quickly.  I had a busy summer, well busy for me.  June was Girls' Camp, Stake Conference and a 10 day trip to Portland.  July was Youth Conference and a nice long visit from Daughter.  August, so far has been a quick trip to Portland and my birthday. 

I'm not asking for sympathy, no, no, not me.  I realize that there are few professions in the U.S. that allow a two and a half month sabbatical.  It is hard though to steel myself for what's to come.  Inservice training for five days (eeww), lesson plans, paper grading, teenage angst, unruly parents, unruly teachers.  So, a countdown to help me ease myself into the routine.

I begin with today.  Today, my friend, Art Teacher, and I took a circuitous route around my Little Corner of East Texas.  We drove to a nearby town, world renown for its Trade Days (read that giant flea market), in search of some furniture/accessories for my house.  No luck on that.  We walked around its downtown, hmmm more like down without a town, perused a couple of its stores then drove the 35 miles to the  small city known for its roses to eat lunch.

I found nothing for my house.  But, it was a productive day.  Art Teacher and I caught up on our summer comings and goings, gossip and managed to stay cool despite the 100 degree day.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's events, I'll have pictures.

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