Have you ever gone to eat at a local restaurant, in a small town where everyone knows everyone, or so it seems? 

You know how it is.  You enter the eatery.  Everyone in the place pauses momentarily, sizes you up, sees you're not a local and then slowly goes back to their food and conversation.  All the while keeping one eye on you, spying to see where you'll sit and what you'll order.  Wondering who you are and why you're in their little town.

Well, at least that's what I do.  Not that I'm being judgmental, I'm just curious as to who the people are...some call it being nosy, I prefer to refer to it as being inquisitive.  Cautiously friendly.

When I eat at local places in neighboring towns I often feel like I'm crashing a private party.  Everyone knows everyone.  Everyone has a story to share. 

It's like Cheers, everyone knows your name. 

I. Love. It.

We have a local place where I always feel like I've walked into Cheers. 


The menu?  Soup, sandwiches, salads, a "blue plate" special every day and, the best part, homemade pie.   You know how I enjoy a good dessert.

The decor?  Local memorabilia and antiques.  Very homey and comforting.  

I wonder, do you get the same homey, comforting feeling in big cities like Big D?


  1. Been here for more than 3 years now and I've never eaten there... or Swanners. One of these days I'll have to try 'em out.

  2. Amy,
    Try Hadden's. Not Swanners. Swanners is so gross.

  3. where is this? mark's never heard of it and in all honesty, I'm about la finca'd out.

  4. Amy, you and I have to have a lunch date to Hadden's...perfect for little Grace and Claire.

    Nicole, Tell Mark to venture out when he's predictable going to la finca. Hadden's is across from the courthouse on the south side. It used to be Shaffer's Rexall Drug Store...I don't know if he remembers that though. They're open for lunch only M-F. Great place.

  5. Thanks for the advise. I'll steer clear of Swanners. Next weekday you have off, we have a lunch date!