Week one of back-to-school is over and done.  


170 days till it's over.  

No, I'm not counting.  Seriously, I'm not.  The students are but not me.  

Lemme 'splain, no lemme sum up (quick, what movie has that line?) week one.

  • Freshmen with looks of complete bewilderment.
  • Seniors already experiencing 'senioritist' glad I only have a handful of these.
  • Friday Night Lights on Thursday...boy if that didn't throw the universe into a tizzy
  • The first break in our hotter-than-blue-blazes weather.
The break in the heat brought us a morning temp on Friday of 61.  So cool and wonderful.  So cool in fact, that there were several that WORE JACKETS/SWEATERS TO SCHOOL!  When I saw this I thought really, are my eyes playing tricks on me, it's not EVEN cold!  
One of the first individuals that I saw with a jacket was English Teacher.  I verbalized my shock and amazement to her.   She laughed.  Here's proof.

Cold, relatively speaking, weather creates fog.  Fog+sun+cows=cool picture.

So glad week one is over.  Getting back into the swing of things is always tedious.  Oh, one more thing that truly screams work is back in full swing.  

Papers to grade.  

I.  Hate.  Grading.  Papers.

To make the process more 'fun'...yeah right...I look for interesting office supplies.  Check out the paper clips.  

Got these during one of the never ending days of inservice torture, er, meetings.  Anything to make the grading process more interesting.   That's what I need to be doing right now but yet here I am blogging.  So much more fun to blog than grade. 


  1. Yeah week one done for you!
    awesome I know who
    your daughter got it from