I was in the process of making breakfast for myself, Husband had already left for work, at 7:00 a.m, I turn the tap and--no water!  I called the water company and evidently there was a leak somewhere so they had to turn off the water to work on it.  Wish they had some way of letting us know that the water was going to be turned off!  Oh well, country living at its best!

So here I sit.  Can't take a shower.  Can't wash the dishes.  Can't do wash.  Can't, can't, can't.  It's interesting how when you are without a modern convenience, which indoor running water is, you realize how dependent our lives are on those conveniences.  We've  already experienced no electricity this year, in the dead of winter, so now how's about no water at the beginning of summer.  Fortunately, the person I spoke with at the water company said that it would only be an hour or so without that ever important H2O. 

I think that no water is worse than no electricity.  You have to have water to live.  And, in the grand scheme of things electricity only makes life easier.  But, you do have to have electricity to pump the water out of the ground.  Unless you have an uber strong, humongous hand pump because that's what Miss Sullivan used to teach Helen Keller all about water, which lead to Helen becoming a super famous, wonderful person.  Yeah, I don't have the patience to pump my own water.  Not in heat anyway.  OK, then, electricity is more important than water.  

However, I could just go to the snake infested, cow tromped, algae laden lake and bring water up to the house in wooden buckets.  A quarter of a mile, up hill, both ways.  Then boil it till it could power a locomotive, allow it to cool and store it in the fridge.  Oh, wait the fridge won't run with out electricity.  Aaah!  I think I'll go turn the tap and see if the water is running again.

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