This weekend...

was spent with a bunch of teenagers.  I know, you thought I was on summer break.  Well, I am.  But, because of my church responsibility I got to hang out with 80 of the nicest yonkers you'd ever hope to know.  Yeah, a couple of them were a bit on the punky side, overall they were polite, fun, entertaining, witty, hard working and just plain nice.  Our stake had Youth Conference.

I'm exhausted.  I'm 52, soon, very soon, uncomfortably soon, to be 53.  My circadian clock doesn't function well past 8:30 p.m.; ask Baby Sis, she'll tell you that chickens and I have the same bedtime.  This weekend on two separate occasions I didn't make it to bed before midnight.  Between Girls Camp and Youth Conference, less than 3 weeks a part I might add, this old woman is ready for the retirement home.  Where, do they find their energy??? I'm not really ready for the retirement home, THAT would be a fate worse than death!  Can you imagine having to hang with a bunch of octogenarians and nonagenarians?  Eeww.  So boring!  I'll keep my teenagers with all their angst and drama thank you very much.

As is tradition, there was dancing (two dances), eating (Johnny Carinos, Subway, Pizza Hut, grilled hamburgers, pancake-bacon-fruit breakfast, and donuts), a service activity and a fun workshop.  The workshop was a life-size version of the game Life.  It was an eye opener for all of the kiddos, their reaction to the various situations that came up were priceless.  I'd post pictures of said activity except for the fact that I had the role of, ahem, wedding coordinator.  No time for pics when you're busy planning a wedding!  

The service activity consisted of having the youth get up at the crack of dawn so they could report to a local high school to paint the pipe railing that surrounds the different school campuses.  Red paint, brushes, and teenagers.  Visualize that if you will.  What do you think the outcome was?  If you saw red paint on faces, arms, hands, clothes etc. you are correct.  It was rather amusing to see their reaction when you informed them that it was oil based paint and that the only way to remove it was to use paint thinner!  Fortunately for them, there was paint thinner on hand.  The planners of the activity knew what to expect with the lethal combination of paint and teens. 

It was a fun filled, action packed weekend, nevertheless, I am more than ready to get back on my sleeping schedule.  I can hear my Mt. Everest of a bed calling me and I will soon answer that call.

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  1. Bless you for this. Next year sounds INCREDIBLE!!!