Summer Rain

Driving back from Dallas Husband and I saw in the distance, 100 miles in the distance, a thunderhead forming.  It was quite lovely to see because it was quite HOT, 102, in Big D.  We kept taking guesses as to where the storm was located.  

First we thought of a place that was north of US 80 but west of our little corner of Texas.  As we got closer to the thunderhead, we amended our guess.  We did this at least 6 times (hey, you gotta do something to wile away the boredom as you drive from Big D).  As we pulled into our drive I noticed how dark the sky had become to the north of us.  I thought, those lucky ducks up in Pittsburg are getting some rain.  Turns out, we were lucky ducks too.

Summer rain is so unexpected and welcomed...especially when the mercury has reached 98.  After the rain, a cool 85...oh yeah!

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