Poster Child

Jerry Lewis' Labor Day Telethon has one. Easter Seals has one.  So does The Children's Miracle Network.  Even our local grocery story used to have one for their Christmas food drive.  Poster Children.  You know, the child that is the face of their year's campaign. You see them everywhere. These children are always beautiful and gregarious.  Someone you'd like to take home and love.

I'm going to be a bit irreverent now...please don't hate me...and present to you the Unofficial Poster Child of Summer:

He's not cute or gregarious.  Nor do I think you want to take him home to love.  He is however all over my little corner of East Texas letting me know that he and his gang are doing their level best to improve the roads I traverse each and every day.  Have you seen him in your neck of the woods? 

I have to love this little guy though.  You see, he helps keep Daughter's hubby safe.  Son-in-law is in construction management.  He builds roads.  He has to make sure that all the workers are safe, that the road under construction is safe for the workers and that those of us traveling these roads are safe.  This little fella helps SNL do this.  So here's my PSA ...public service announcement...when you see Summer's Poster Child, slow down and think of me and my gang 'cause I'd sure like to keep SNL around.


  1. I completely agree! Judd is in highway construction so I appreciate the poster child of summer. I ALWAYS slow down in a construction zone and make sure the cars behind me do the same. I know the drivers behind me are thinking, "I am so glad the car in front of me is setting such a good example of how to slowly drive through a construction zone." Yeah, that's what they are thinking!

    Shelly Bivens

  2. Oh yeah, I'm sure that's what they're thinking :)