PM to the Rescue!

We had air-conditioning problems on Saturday.  You know what I'm like if I don't have my air conditioner working.  This time it wasn't a problem with the air conditioner itself, rather with the drain that the carries away the water that forms from the condensation. The water wasn't draining the way it should.  It was overflowing, flooding the adjoining bathroom.  Something was clogging the drain. It was a mess.  

We tried everything we could think of to clear the clog, blowing it out with a compressor, snaking the line, going in through the tub drain, even pouring Drano down the tube.  No luck, just more water overflowing the pipe.  Husband called his dad.  They discussed.  No clear solution.  Such a quandary.  

We knew our only solution was to call a plumber; you know how expensive they are on a weekday, this was Saturday, so double the price.  No, triple the price.  We are fortunate to know a plumber, a plumber who loves See's Candies.  A plumber who can be plied with a box of said candy.  But that was not our intent.  Saturday is his day off, his day to spend with family.  Husband called Plumber Man to have a sounding board not seeking to have him come out to fix our problem.  They discussed for a few minutes.  PM knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it.  Husband implored him not to come, that we could wait till Monday (well, Husband could wait.  Me, you know I was secretly doing the happy dance at the prospect of PM coming to fix our problem!).  Husband told PM that we fully expected to pay him for his service, full price.  PM simply hung up and came to our rescue.

PM's family and our family go way back.  He and his wife took us under their respective wings when we first moved to Texas 26 years ago.  I have a soft spot in my heart for them.  He plumbed the house we built then did all the plumbing in the remodeled home we now have.  He knows his craft quite well and is such a nice guy.  But, shhh, don't tell anyone he's nice, he wants everyone to think he's a tough ol' codger.  I will have to get Daughter to bring a box of See's assorted chocolates when she comes.  Maybe I'll have her bring a couple of extra to keep on hand just in case I have anymore plumbing problems.

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