PDX Part Deux

Why I love Portland, Oregon.

Husband, Baby Sis and I ate here.  Oh my.  It was so good.  
The waitress was wonderful.  Funny, efficient and the
owner.  Great lemonade too!

Baby Sis and I ate here on one of our many shopping 
excursions.  They make it fresh, every time.

Are you noticing a theme here?
There are bakeries ev-er-y-where!  And, they are all wonderful.

 Portland has 9 bridges...I think that's what Baby Sis
told me...that join the west side of town
with the east.  They are
all very different. They are all very cool.
This is the Burnside Bridge...I think.

 Did I tell you that the downtown area is fantastic?
Portland has these fountains throughout the downtown area.
I had an affinity to this one.  Hmm, I wonder why?

Portland also has a quirky side.

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you.
Those are little toy horses tethered
to the sidewalk.  I don't know why they do this
nor why the rings are in the sidewalk.  They
do this because they can.

Last but not least on why I love PDX is
the volcanoes, active ones,
that are all around the place.  The closest is
Mt. Hood.  So very cool.

I don't want to be near this when or if it erupts, nor
do I want my family near it, but you
have to admit it's pretty cool that
there are U.S volcanoes some place other than Hawaii.


  1. Love finding great new restaurants. Hope you had fun!!!

  2. Hey Sis! I'm sorry I haven't looked at these sooner, they're gorgeous (next trip out you'll have to give me some lessons). I love the ponies...they look like they're waiting for their riders. Michael and I wen tot he Bastille Day festival on Saturday and discovered two new bakeries. YUM-MMY! They make these apple sticky-bun-like muffins out of their leftover croissant dough. Oh my, them are good. Miss ya bunches!

    BTW, it's the Broadway Bridge (the Burnside is two bridges south of this one.)