Not So Perfect

Unlike many, I'm not a keeper of things.  I clean closets, drawers, cabinets, etc. mercilessly.  This morning I took a hard look at my closet and realized that I'd fallen down on the job.  It was long overdue for a cleaning.  I'm embarrassed to show you how bad it had become.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I must include the 'before' so you can appreciate the 'after'.  So for those of you who think I'm 'little Miss Perfect' (I've been called that before, to my face, at church no less) these pictures will dispel that notion. 

In the cleaning and organizing process I got rid of several items of clothing, six pairs of shoes, random pieces of paper, and some old jewelry.  I did find a couple of items I decided to keep.

Item #1:  an iPod shuffle that I'd been unable to find for the last couple of weeks.

Item #2:

See, I'm not completely heartless.  Daughter will be here soon for a visit.  I think I might cash in on a couple of these.


  1. you got rid of jewelry?!

  2. I haven't donated it to anyone or any place just yet. So, when you get here, you have first dibs :)