Moth Man

Take a look at this.

This was not as large as Beetlemania.
I first saw it on the inside of our 
glass storm door at 6:00 yesterday morning.
I tried to keep it from entering the house
but it chose to fly in
rather than out.
I then noticed it on the window sill at
2:00 yesterday afternoon.  

Initially I thought it was an albino moth.
As you can see, that's not the case.
It's quite interesting to see
close up.  Take a look.

Here's a closer one.

Notice the hairy antennae.
Notice the fuzzy head.
Notice the dust on the sill! 

Moth man looked like he was kneeling.
Saying it's last prayer?
Moth Man died shortly after these
were taken.  I did not lay
a finger on him, nor fly swatter, nor rolled up
Remember, I had Ronnie come to my house.
RIP Moth Man, I tried to keep you
from coming in.

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