A Little Rain

See if you can guess where I spent part of my morning today.

Here's another hint.

OK, last clue...though rather obvious.

Why did I go see the doctor?  Well, it all started a week ago after a glorious pedicure by the Divine Miss L.  I got home and was admiring her handy work and notice what appeared to be a small scrape on one of my toes.  Hmm, I thought.  I don't remember the Divine Miss L scraping my toe, shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.  Saturday though, I noticed that my little red scrape had turn into a dark little spot.  Concern entered my brain.

Ha, you say.  That's nothing to be concerned about.  Weeelll, lemme 'splain Lucy. 

26 years ago, while 8 months pregnant with my only child, Husband found a little dark spot on one of his little piggys.  He had it biopsied.  Turned out to be an invasive melanoma.  I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head 26 years ago when we found out it was a malignant cancer.  What'll I do if my husband dies?  Can I be a single mother?  I'm too young to be a widow!  What if he doesn't come out of the anesthesia??  AAAHHHH!  Yeah, just a little dramatic.  Husband did lose his little piggy though.  Yep, he only has 9 phalanges on his feet.  

Now do you understand my concern?  I thought you might. So this morning at 8:10 I met with Dr. King and had him look at my little spot.  We love our King.  Any of you who read this and live in the same little corner of East Texas as I, and have Dr. King as your family doctor, you know why we love him.  He is what every doctor should be. Compassionate, patient, funny, great bedside manner, I could go on and on.  Dr. King suggested we biopsy the little spot, just to be on the safe side he said.  If, in 7-10 days, it comes back as, well, you know.  Then we, he said we, will meet with a surgeon and proceed from there.  He didn't seem overly concerned but then, he's like that: calm when the situation might warrant otherwise.  

You wanna see pictures of the procedure?  OK, here you go.  Don't worry nothing too graphic.

I'm not overly concerned.  As they say, into each life a little rain must fall.  I think this will be nothing more than a sprinkle.


  1. Did Dr. King's staff think you had lost it since you were photographing this?

  2. No. Both Lewis and Paula said people do it all the time. Weird, huh?