Insom Nia

You ever been acquainted with someone you don't really like but no matter what you do you just can't get rid of them?  I have an 'acquaintance' that's been hanging around ever since I can remember.  You might also be acquainted with her.  First name Insom, last name  Nia?   She prefers you just run the two together so she can have a one word name.  You know, like Madonna, Cher, Branjalina, Insomnia.  Yes, Insomnia is a 'she'.  Why?  Because in Spanish, 98% of words that end with an 'a' are feminine words. 

Insomnia came a callin' last night, actually it was at 1:45 this morning (she always picks the worst time to come...and without an invitation!) and stayed until...hmmm somewhere around 4:00.  Your Insomnia may be a bit different than mine.  Mine comes and keeps me wide awake with all sorts of thoughts going through my head.  One thought always leads to another then another and then another, on and on.  I've tried everything to get her to leave when she comes.  I've read about all the university studies done on how to overcome her.  Unfortunately, no one has informed her about them so she doesn't realize that when I'm trying to relax my tongue so the rest of my body will relax she is suppose to leave.  Nor does she realize that if I get up to watch a little TV she's suppose to make herself scarce.  

Last night was no different.  I lay in bed thinking of the most awesome blog posts, as always, once I actually got up for the day at 5:45 those awesome posts were long gone.  I also lay a top Mt. Everest listening to every little sound a house can make.  If you listen long enough and hard enough you can really scare yourself with what you hear or imagine you hear.  Insomnia also wanted me to listen closely to the outside sounds.  Not much to listen to last night.  Which made me realize that I hadn't heard a train nor coyotes in the distance in several months but then that might be because Insomnia hadn't paid a visit in a long, long time.  After laying in bed for about an hour and a half, I got up, went to the den to watch some TV and decided I would get my camera so I'd have a picture to go with this post.  Here is Insomnia in all her darkness, mocking me with the twinkly lights of the router.

  Do I sound just a tad sleep deprived? 

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  1. Immortal East Texas words: Bless your heart...I really mean it too.