Big D

When Daughter lived at home, going to Big D was something she and I did on a regular basis.  It was always an adventure, always fun, always entertaining.  When she comes to visit we always make it a point to go to Big D.  Today, was our day to go. 

It takes a long time to get to Dallas, two hours and fifteen minutes to be exact.  The drive is quite, peaceful, with little traffic.


Until you get to Big D that is.   Then you get this:

Oh, yeah.  Nerves of steel are required.  You can't take your eyes off the road for a minute.  And, don't even think of going the speed limit.  Seriously.  If you try to go the posted 60 mph, you'll be mowed over like a blade of grass.  Think parking lot, moving at 75 mph.  Not even kidding.   Fortunately, Husband drove for us today.  Still, I was on pins and needles until we returned to this loveliness:

I am a country girl at heart.

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