4th of July

I love patriotic holidays.  I love hearing our national anthem.  I love seeing the red-white-and-blue blowing in the wind.  

My favorite patriotic holiday is the Fourth of July.  I love watching fireworks that celebrate the birth of this great nation, especially when the Boston Pops plays the 1812 Overture.  Yeah, I know, the 1812 Overture wasn't written for the 4th of July but it stirs my soul none-the-less.  I would have to say that the best 4th of July fireworks I have ever seen was at Vancouver, Washington.  It was breath taking.  Everyone should see it.  

Patriotic holidays remind me of how fortunate I am to live in this great nation.   I'm so grateful to all who sacrificed their lives for us to maintain the life we all love so much.  Happy Fourth of July!

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