Blog envy

From time to time I will view other's blogs...who am I kidding, I do this a lot! Some of the "posters" I know personally others I don't; I simply read their blogs because the posters I know, know them. I feel a twinge of guilt as I do because I feel it is an invasion of privacy. I justify my guilt by thinking that if my known posters provide links then it's OK to view them. Well, because of said viewing of posts, I have developed 'blog envy'.

As I read/view other's blogs I am amazed at the creativity displayed as well as the way the blog is written. There is one blog that I really enjoy reading, it's one written by someone I am acquainted with not one that I 'stumble' upon. Her blog is so full of creativity. The writing is great, so thought provoking. I am very envious of hers. Other bloggers display their creativity not in their writing but in the layout of their blog. I constantly ask myself, where and how did they get that cool font? How did they get the writing to go sideways? How did they post those pictures without taking up a bunch of space? How do they get the background music? So many questions that I don't have the answers to! Where can I find these answers???? Is there a blogging class of which I am unaware? Has the blogging muse passed me by? Ah, well. I will be content with my plain-Jane-run-of-the-mill least for now.

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  1. i don't think your blog is plain! it's better than mine. and if you go to the blog link of the cookie crumbles (camie) she has a blog on blogging formats. i just haven't had the patience to do it myself.