wonderful...not so wonderful

A wonderful week just ended. Baby sister, her hubby; my daughter, her hubby; my hubby and me spent time in San Antonio and then time here at home (minus the son-in-law, so sad). San Antonio is a very quaint city, at least what we saw of it. I'm sure there are those areas the locals don't want you to see, as it is with all cities, nevertheless what we saw we enjoyed. We are novices at exploring new cities and unfortunately we were hindered by the weather. Not that it much worse than that, it was HOT!!!! Miserably hot, though the locals and my traveling companions took it all in stride, or so it seemed. For those who have been to San Antonio in the summer you know the type of heat I speak of, the kind that is sticky, humid and quite miserable. Maybe the reason it seemed so hot was because there was not a gradual transition from spring to summer. Regardless, I. Did. Not. Like. It. I will admit it, when it comes to temperatures above 90 I am a complete wimp. I embrace my wimpiness! I revel in it! I loved San Antonio and the memories we made there and will return, just not in the summer.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to summer in Texas. I love the beautiful flowers that I can grow in the summer. I love that the surrounding area is green for most of the summer. I love that summer brings the song of the mocking bird and the bright green lizards with their bright red necks. I love the scent of magnolia blossoms and roses. But I hate the heat. And, hating the heat trumps all other things that I love. I will venture out in the early morning hours to work in the flowers I love, hear the mocking birds, observe the bright green lizards and smell the magnolias and roses. But, once the thermometer reaches 88 ...which from mid-June to late-August is 11:00 a.m.... I head indoors to the air conditioned comfort of my home from where I will observe my flowers, listen to the mocking bird and watch the bright green lizard inflate his bright red neck. Summer in Texas is not so wonderful.

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  1. what!? you don't love swimming in the air? i moved to tx in the middle of summer, beginning the HATE portion of my love-hate relationship with this state! :)
    good blog!